Social Media Kit

Siggi is the perfect opportunity for collaborative success between your business and Coh&Co. We would like to underline that we do not just want to sell you a couple of bikes and call it a day. What we really want to do, is ensure that you reach your customer base and your followers in the best way possible, so that you can sell Siggi to them. Together, we can get Siggi out on the streets!

Instagram post example

Let's work together!

The best way to get Siggi out in the world is to take advantage of our collective networks. That is why we have put together a SIGGI MEDIA KIT, where you will find visual assets (lifestyle photos, product shots, videos) and texts tailored to Social Media platforms, Newsletters or your website.


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Promoting Siggi via your own channels allows you to not only reach your customer base more efficiently than Coh&Co can, but also tailor the message to them. You will also find a general guide in the Siggi Media Kit on how to put it to use, but feel free to modify the texts to make them more personal to your customers.