Siggi offers the best of both worlds: An amazing riding experience and a compact fold. When designing Siggi, we wanted to create the ideal bike for the urban environment and beyond.

It is packed with features that enhance the performance of the ride, while still maintaining a compact fold so your customers can bring Siggi everywhere.



One of the best things about Siggi is the amazing riding experience. There are plenty of folding bikes on the market today that fold down to a very small size. However, we felt that there was a bike missing. Something that didn’t just focus on being the smallest bike ever. At first, we jokingly told people to not think of Siggi as a folding bike. Not because it doesn’t have an elegant fold or isn’t compact. But because we wanted to shift the customer’s focus towards the riding experience.


Something that is often neglected.

20" wheels

your commute

The original inspiration for creating a folding bike like Siggi came because we knew we could take advantage of smaller wheels. Siggi features 20″ wheels meaning a responsive and stable ride. Contrary to many other folding bikes that use 16″ or even smaller, we decided to go with 20″, because they offer quick acceleration without compromising the stability.


Light, durable
& recyclable

Just like the rest of our line-up, Siggi’s frame is made from our proprietary frame material StoneWeave. This innovative blend of carbon and basalt fibers results in a frame that is super light, stiff, durable and, best of all, recyclable. These characteristics all add to the amazing riding experience, but a lightweight frame material like StoneWeave is even better on a folding bike that will also need to be carried upstairs, put into the trunk of a car or taken onto a train.

The Fork

the left ride

The lefty-styled fork on Siggi raises a lot of questions. We chose this unique design for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it allows a much more compact and elegant folding mechanism. Secondly, it enables us to add a suspension block to the front wheel resulting in Siggi’s comfortable ride.

Full Suspension

Conquer any terrain comfortably

Multiple people who have test-ridden Siggi have told us it RIDES LIKE A ROAD BIKE. That is exactly the kind of performance we were going for. However, Siggi doesn’t just provide your customers with a quick and responsive ride. We’ve also added suspension in the front and rear wheels to provide a super comfortable ride no matter the terrain.


Siggi doesn’t just ride incredibly well, it is also packed with features that elevate the everyday and just make it so much more convenient. Siggi is compact, light to carry, and adapts to your customer’s preferred riding style.

The Fold

Bring Siggi on the train, metro, bus...

We designed Siggi with the everyday commuter in mind. Siggi folds down to the SIZE OF A SUITCASE making it easy to bring on the train, in the metro, bus or in the trunk of a car.

Siggi’s frame is a MONO-COG DESIGN, meaning there is no hinge in the frame itself. That way the folding mechanism does not compromise the stiffness and ultimately the performance of Siggi.

The 20″ wheels that help enable Siggi’s amazing riding experience are larger than the wheels of other popular folding bikes. Thanks to the innovative design of the lefty-styled fork and the rear wheel fold, Siggi still manages to fold down to a compact size.

Top Tube

Carry Siggi

When folded, Siggi’s top tube functions as a convenient handle, so your customers can easily pick it up and carry it anywhere. Siggi weighs only 10 KG (13 for the electric version) thanks to the lightness of StoneWeave, so carrying Siggi is no hassle at all.


Adjust riding style
in 2 easy steps

Siggi is for everyone! Whether your customer wants a sporty ride or a more relaxed feel, Siggi quickly adapts to their preference. The handlebar stem moves forward and backwards, making it not only easy to fold down but also adjust to your customer’s desired riding style.

The handlebar utilises a HIRTH GEAR MECHANISM that makes it possible to change the reach in 6-degree increments. Further, the handlebar and saddle height can be raised, making Siggi compatible with riders up to 2 meters tall. 


These specifications are more or less general. We will keep you informed about the specific components of Siggi continuously as we decide on the best configuration of Siggi.