Siggi | Dealer's Toolkit

Welcome to the Siggi Dealer’s Toolkit! As an official Siggi ambassador, this is your go-to location for all the information you need to start selling Siggi to your customers. In this Toolkit you will get:

  • An overview of Siggi’s many features.
  • Continuous updates on production.
  • Instructional video content.
  • Access to our Social Media kit (coming soon).
  • Insight into our Siggi strategy.

We are incredibly grateful for your support and trust, and we are thrilled to finally start bringing Siggi into the world and into your customers’ hands.


Get the latest news on the production of Siggi, when we ship and more. We will post updates continuously as the Siggi production progresses, so make sure to check in from time to time or keep an eye on your inbox.

Demo Siggi & Dealer's Toolkit introduction


Thank you
for your contribution!



The Siggi campaign on Indiegogo has ended and thanks to your amazing support and contributions, the campaign surpassed the original funding goal of 35,000€ with an incredible +100,000€ RAISED! But, it is not over yet. The Siggi campaign has moved to Indiegogo’s InDemand program, where we can keep accepting pre-orders.

It has been an amazing ride so far, and we are so thrilled that it has become time to start building some Siggis for your store and ultimately your customer base.

Siggi | Folding e-bike

32% Off

The new folding bike Siggi is live on Indiegogo. It is the perfect combination of performance and convenience with an elegant fold.