Handmade in Copenhagen

Build with high performance and durability in mind our WOOCA wood and carbon hybrid frames make for lightweight, longlasting bicycles – for the road and the city alike. 
Designed and engineered in Denmark, we make them by hand right here in our beloved capital of Copenhagen where we live and ride every single day. 

VeloSled 'Anna'

Introducing the lightest, toughest cargobike yet

Our family "Sled"

Reinterpreting the two-wheeled cargo bike, our Velosled has a lot of room for transporting adults as well as children not to mention the groceries or any other cargo. Manufactured with a full carbon frame this bike is lighter, stiffer and stronger than has ever been seen before.

We call this model ‘Anna’. Her design is inspired by the Inuit “qamutit” dog sleds that have been used in Greenland as family and expedition transport for centuries. ‘Anna’ has been brought into the world to provide efficient and enjoyable transportation for the entire family.

WOOCA Randonnée

The Ultimate Riding Experience

High performance riding

Build on the Coh&Co WOOCA technology hybrid of wood and carbon, our randonnée bikes excel in absorbing those road vibrations that just suck the life out of a rider. WOOCA provides unmatched power transfer and stiffness, and with weights around UCI minimum Gustav Randonnèe is the perfect build for competitive riding.

With performance and riding joy in mind, our WOOCA Randonnée bikes are all kitted out with SRAM Red Series group sets and lightweight Gipiemme road wheels. We call this configuration the Randonnée series. These bikes weigh in at between 6,8 and 7,5 kilos depending on size. 


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WOOCA technology

Why a wood and carbon bike?
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'The Ride' Journal

VeloSled Anna

VeloSled production update and news from the workshop

Here in Copenhagen the summer is wrapping up and despite feeling like we have been away for a long time, the truth of the matter is that the past several months have seen an incredible development in our little company....
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WOOCA bikes on the road

WOOCA bikes on the road with Team Coh&Co

There are a lot of ingredients that go into making a good road frame. Some of these are easily quantified like, for example, weight or geometry or size. Others are a bit more diffuse. This is where the mysteries of...
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Randonnee riding

Cycling stories and Friday beer!

With our riders just back from a 312 kms one day randonnée in the Spanish mountains, we are looking forward to seeing you all for beer and cycling stories in the sunshine this Friday. Time and place is the same as usual: Friday...
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