Unique riding experiences made in Copenhagen.
Lightweight, long-lived wood and carbon bikes.

Handmade in Copenhagen

Build with high performance and durability in mind our WOOCA wood and carbon hybrid frames make for lightweight, longlasting bicycles – for the winding roads and city streets alike. Designed and engineered in Denmark, we make them by hand right here in our beloved capital of Copenhagen where we live and ride every single day. 


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Introducing the lightest, toughest cargobike yet
Introducing 'Anna'

Our family "Sled"

Reinterpreting the two-wheeled cargo bike, our Velosled has a lot of room for transporting adults as well as children not to mention the groceries or any other cargo. Manufactured with a full carbon frame this bike is lighter, stiffer and stronger than has ever been seen before.

We call this model ‘Anna’. Her design is inspired by the Inuit “qamutit” dog sleds that have been used in Greenland as family and expedition transport for centuries. ‘Anna’ has been brought into the world to provide efficient and enjoyable transportation for the entire family.

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