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VeloSled Anna

VeloSled production update and news from the workshop

Here in Copenhagen the summer is wrapping up and despite feeling like we have been away for a long time, the truth of the matter is that the past several months have seen an incredible development in our little company....
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WOOCA bikes on the road

WOOCA bikes on the road with Team Coh&Co

There are a lot of ingredients that go into making a good road frame. Some of these are easily quantified like, for example, weight or geometry or size. Others are a bit more diffuse. This is where the mysteries of...
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Randonnee riding

Cycling stories and Friday beer!

With our riders just back from a 312 kms one day randonnée in the Spanish mountains, we are looking forward to seeing you all for beer and cycling stories in the sunshine this Friday. Time and place is the same as usual: Friday...
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