Meet Siggi


What does the ideal urban bike look like? Meet Siggi.

Don’t think of it as a folding bike… think of it as a performance bike that folds.

When designing a performance-oriented bike for an urban landscape, we thought about every detail; you might experience bumpy roads, stop and go at traffic lights, and even how you might store your bike at your destination. Do you take your bike on the train and then cycle to work? Can this bike withstand weather and long rides? These are all the things we took into consideration and our solution is Siggi.

Siggi fits the role of a “Bicycle for Life”. This bike can fit seamlessly into your everyday life and adapt to your needs. Further, the StoneWeave frame is recyclable, as we are always thinking of a sustainable future for all our bikes.

Siggi | Folding e-bike

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The new folding bike Siggi is live on Indiegogo. It is the perfect combination of performance and convenience with an elegant fold.