Addressing Earth Overshoot Day


I love the winter mornings when the crisp Copenhagen air refreshes my face as I soar through the city streets on my bike. These are perfect days to be outside, enjoying the city and reflecting on my thoughts as I ride. But, although it may sound ominous, a shadow hangs over us here in Denmark & this year it is recognised on the 16th of March – I am referring to “Earth Overshoot Day”. This sobering date marks the point when we, as Danes, have exceeded our per capita allotment of what is estimated to be a sustainable consumption of our planet’s resources. Everything we consume from now until the year out represents the excessiveness of our lifestyle. Although this is a symbolic date it illustrates clearly the disproportional gap between our lifestyle and the earth’s resources.

As Danes, we pride ourselves on our commitment to green living. We cycle, we recycle, we choose windmills over coal & we prioritise sustainable solutions. But here’s a truth we can’t ignore – despite our efforts, Denmark holds the unenviable title of having roughly the 6th largest consumption per capita in the world. There’s a clear contradiction here, & Earth Overshoot Day presents an opportunity for so much-needed reflection.

We need to look inward, not just on a national level, but on an individual level as well. How can we personally make better choices to reduce our ecological footprint? Commuting by bike is a fantastic start -But what about our travel habits? Can we explore more sustainable options like trains or electric vehicles?

Our food choices matter too. Opting for local, seasonal produce minimises transportation emissions & supports local farmers. Reducing food waste & choosing sustainable produce are other ways to make a difference.

Perhaps most importantly, we need a global shift towards a renewable economy. This isn’t just about energy – it’s about the entire lifecycle of the products we consume. Imagine a world where products are designed and manufactured with sustainability in mind, where a “modern lifestyle” embraces a reduced environmental impact.

The Power of the Pedal: Symbol and Solution

Cycling isn’t just my mode of transportation today; it’s a potent symbol of the sustainable future we need. It’s a reminder that progress doesn’t have to come at the expense of the planet. The bicycle offers a unique perspective – a slower pace that allows us to appreciate our surroundings and reconnect with the environment. It’s a call to action, a tangible example of how small changes in our daily lives can have a significant impact.

Imagine a global movement where cities prioritise cycling infrastructure, making it not just a convenient option, but a healthy and enjoyable one: less traffic congestion, reduced air pollution, and a healthier planet. For us at Coh&Co, cycling is more than transportation; it’s a statement and a commitment to a more sustainable way of life.

Earth Overshoot Day is a stark reminder that we’re all passengers on this spaceship called Earth. We have a collective responsibility to ensure its continued health. This doesn’t require grand gestures, just a conscious effort from each individual. Let’s hold ourselves and our leaders accountable. Let’s choose a sustainable future, one bike ride, one reusable bag and one conscious decision at a time.

Our road to a sustainable future is paved with countless small steps, and each of us has the power to take a stride in the right direction. Let’s start today, right here, right now, in Copenhagen so that next year we can push this day to the end of the year where it belongs.


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