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Erik is the ideal urban commuter that brings you through a busy day. When you commute to work, meet up with friends, and when its time to go home again, Erik carries you consistently through a busy day. He is low maintenance, high powered, and recyclable at the end of his lifetime.

MSRP From 2.029 EUR

The frame

A unique blend of recyclable stone

Made from our own StoneWeave material, Erik’s frame is as stiff and durable as can be. The innovative mix of stiff carbon and tough basalt gives you a reliable ride all day.


Enjoy a responsive and comfortable ride, thanks to Erik’s StoneWeave frame. The benefits of StoneWeave are numerous. Based on carbon, Erik is light and stiff, while the basalt laminate absorbs shocks from the road. On top of these functional gains, StoneWeave is even recyclable.


Due to the asymmetrical geometry of Erik’s frame, you save time on maintenance. No spot is unreachable, making your day as simple and clean as your bike.

Belt drive

Clean, quiet, unchained

Belt drive bikes feature a number of advantages when compared to traditional chain drive bikes. Since the belt drive is connected directly to the rear wheel, it eliminates any energy loss through the chain. This means that you are able to get the most out of your pedalling power, resulting in faster speeds and better performance. Furthermore, belt drive bikes require much less maintenance and are rust-resistant.


For us, equipping our bikes with belts was a no-brainer. Belt drive is another component of our bikes that requires little to no maintenance. Since you never have to oil it, getting stains on your clothes is a thing of the past. Once more, belts take care of your pants.

Silent riding

The city is noisy enough as it is. With a belt drive on your bike, you won’t contribute to that and you can enjoy a nice and quiet ride. Standard bike chains consist of many moving parts and are so much louder than a belt that’s only a single part. Bike chains are especially loud, when they’re not well lubricated. A belt is silent and it needs no oil.

Electrified riding

electric riding

You are in charge. Upgrade to the electric Erik to gain the benefits of the discreet Zehus Bike motor system. This discreet system gives you that extra boost that makes you easily glide through the city.

Motor and battery in one

An electric motor shouldn’t kill your joy of cycling. The All-in-one Zehus motor is not just lightweight and aesthetically minimal. It’s also easier on the drivetrain, meaning that your Erik Electric lasts longer compared to standard e-bikes. Start with 3 backward pedal rotations and you are off.

Regenerative breaking

The regenerative braking function recharges the battery up to 10% during your ride. So you can be sure that you’ll get through the day and all the way home.

Green Green Erik urban parked in studio

Erik Urban

Smooth, sporty, responsive

Shimano Alfine internal hub gears

Gates Carbon belt drive

Dual-action mechanical disc brakes

8, 11 or single speed

MSRP from 2.029 EUR (ex. VAT)

Sideview of graphite Erik urban daily commuter with Zehus BIKE all-in-one motor system and Gates carbon belt drive

Erik Electric

Seamless electrified riding

Zehus Bike rear hub motor and battery in one

Gates Carbon belt drive

Dual-action mechanical disc brakes

Single Speed high or low-geared, or 3-speed front gearbox

MSRP from 3.767 EUR (ex. VAT)

Super good service and amazing, well-designed bikes

Søren Essendrop

Designer and Erik owner, Copenhagen

Portrait of Danish designer and Erik urban owner Søren Essendrop for testimonial about Erik urban

Frame sizes

The size 54 is usually suitable for heights between 160-175 cm, and size 57 is good for heights between 175-195 cm.


However, it depends on whether you have long legs and a short torso or vice versa. We measure the size based on the length of the top tube, so the reach is important when deciding on a size.


We recommend trying the bike at a dealer before purchasing, or feel free to ask us for help.


A sustainable eco system

Coh&Co is on a mission to raise the bar on how we experience riding, maintaining, and owning our bicycles. We have developed an ecosystem to keep bikes rolling and by your side for many years to come.

It starts at the design process where we push the limits of longevity with our sustainable material technology StoneWeave – and we close the circle with a transferable lifetime buy-back guarantee. We refurbish or recycle every registered bicycle returned to us when it has reached the final crossroads in its lifecycle.


Sizes54 / 57
FramesetCoh&Co 1700 gram carbon fiber frameset dampened with basalt utilising our proprietary
StoneWeave material technology. Our own modular Coh&Co dropouts and mechanical
connections are replaceable
ForkCoh&Co Carbon Flat mount QR axel
TransmissionGates Carbon Belt Drive system, drive 118T CDN, Belt
CockpitFlat bar 27° sweep, 31,8 mm / rubber grips / Shimano Alfine shifter Rapidfire Plus
BrakesRadius dual action mechanical disk brakes
SaddleEsse Vela Gorilla IMO
Wheels650B / 27,5” / Gipiemme N25 rim / 100 OLD hub
TyresSchwalbe Kojak ”slick tyres” 27,5 x 1,35 (35-584)
VariationsShimano Alfine 8 / Shimano Alfine 11 / Single speed
ExtrasCustomised and reinforced Coh&Co+Curana fender set w/ kickstand
Hub dynamo w/ Axa Blueline 50 Switch Headlight
Rear rack
N-lock, lockable stem

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We could go on and on about Erik but at the end of the day, you need to meet him to truly experience what he is capable of. Visit one of our official dealers or stop by our showroom in Copenhagen for a cup of coffee and a test ride.

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