Capture new grounds

Siggi offers the best of both worlds: An amazing riding experience and a compact fold. When designing Siggi, we wanted to create the ideal bike for the urban environment and beyond. It is packed with features that enhance the performance of the ride, while still maintaining a compact fold so you can bring Siggi everywhere. Siggi offers the perfect mix of EVERYDAY PERFORMANCE and EVERYDAY CONVENIENCE.

20" wheels

Accelerate your commute

The size of Siggi’s wheels is a key determinant of the solid riding experience. Being smaller than a standard-sized bike, they are quicker to accelerate, but being larger than on most folding bikes, they also offer a more stable ride.


Smaller wheels offer greater acceleration. A more responsive ride is perfect for when you ride through the city, where you have to stop at red lights or slow down when turning and quickly accelerate again.


When designing Siggi, it was crucial to us that we didn’t compromise on Siggi’s riding experience. Opting for 20″ wheels, we felt that we found the optimal balance between responsiveness and stability.

StoneWeave frame

Rock solid,
light & durable

Siggi features our proprietary frame material, StoneWeave, which is an innovative mix of carbon and basalt. It is lightweight, stiff and super durable.


Experience the feel of a road bike on a compact folding bike thanks to Siggi’s geometry of speed. The StoneWeave frame is stiff and lightweight, making 


Designed for cyclocross, these incredible shifters endure even the toughest terrains. They are more than capable for the urban environment and occasional trip out in nature.

Siggi | Folding e-bike

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The new folding bike Siggi is live on Indiegogo. It is the perfect combination of performance and convenience with an elegant fold.