Siggi in your store

Siggi is an amazing folding bike. It can do so much, not just in terms of an elegant folding mechanism and convenient features that adapt to your customer’s everyday needs, but also in terms of high performance that introduces refound joy into the everyday lives of your customers.

We will continuously post instructional and highly informative written and visual content on this page that will help you better understand what Siggi is capable of. The purpose is to fully prepare you for when you will start selling Siggi to your customer base.

Demo Siggi

Very soon, we will begin the production of the first batch of Siggis. We are incredibly grateful for your contribution to the Siggi campaign, and we want to enable you to start selling Siggi to your customers as soon as possible.

To speed up the process, we will deliver a DEMO SIGGI to you later in the fall. The Demo Siggi will be a slightly different configuration than what you have ordered, but it will be a tool for you to start displaying Siggi in your store, present Siggi to your customers and let them go for test rides. That way you will quickly get a physical model in your store to start taking pre-orders, so you can sell your Siggi before you even get the Siggi you ordered.

When the time comes to ship out the Siggi you pre-ordered, we will take the Demo Siggi back.


Watch the video to hear from Paul, the principal designer of Siggi, explain in detail how these tools can help you.

Siggi training session

To make sure that you are entirely prepared and ready to start taking pre-orders from your customers once you receive the Demo Siggi, we are also preparing a SIGGI TRAINING SESSION. The session will focus on some of the key aspects of Siggi to focus on and how Siggi stands out.

Apart from visiting as many of our dealers as we can, we will be posting instructional video content, preparing Live Q&A’s and much more, to help you be fully equipped for when you receive your Demo Siggi.