A few points on service and maintenance

A good quality bike needs attention and maintenance like all other bikes. With a Coh&Co bike rust and oil will be less of an issue, but still, there are a few things to make your customers aware of in order to keep the bike running smoothly.


Shimano Alfine Internal gear hub oil should be serviced by a bike shop. To maintain product performance, oil should be changed after the first 1,000 km from start of use of the product, and once every 2 years thereafter (after every 5,000 km if the bicycle is ridden frequently).


Clean the discs frequently with acetone to avoid damaging the brake pads with gravel, sand, mud, and the like. Brake pads need replacement once they start to feel less effective, or if they are worn down. 

Cleaning the bike

General cleaning only requires water and a soft brush. For the white frames in particular they can, however, become quite dirty and hard to clean. Coh&Co can provide a very effective, and all-natural cleaning solution upon request.

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