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Erik Urban


Smooth riding experience | Lightweight, durable & tough | Designed to last | Easy to maintain | Recyclable frame material | Designed and built in Denmark | Electric or non-electric

Erik is

  • a unique urban bicycle that combines modern Danish design with a great riding experience. 
  • designed, built, and many components manufactured, in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • made from Coh&Co Copenhagen’s unique StoneWeave Technology 
  • born of volcanic rock in a mix of basalt and carbon fiber
  • either kitted as a manual bike with Alfine hubs or with a Zehus motor and battery in one, single or 3-speed

Buying an Erik gives you

  • a unique daily commuter with a very unique design 
  • a smooth, warm, dynamic riding bicycle – accelerates quickly, responsive steering, a unique ride inspired by a mix of comfort of granma bikes and the performance of a sporty bike
  • a bike that is designed to last and easy to maintain – belt drive, internal gears, easy to clean due to the simple frame geometry
  • an electric bicycle that still rides and feels like a bicycle – and not a motorcycle
  • an opportunity to give back to the planet, as Coh&Co’s membership with 1% for the Planet means that trees are planted and CO2 offset for every bicycle sold and shipped to anywhere in the world
  • an option of becoming part of Coh&Co’s ecosystem involving our Recapture program
Sideview of blue Erik urban electric Zehus version in studio

Coh&Co Copenhagen


Danish bicycle manufacturer | Design and innovation | Sustainable mindset | 1% for the Planet members 

Who is Coh&Co Copenhagen?

  • A Danish bicycle company with a mission to bring new riding experiencesquality, and a sustainable mindset to urban cycling.
  • Coh&Co’s ideals are rooted in the thought that we need to raise the bar on how we experience riding, maintaining, and owning our bicycles.
  • Coh&Co likes to say that they make “Bicycles For Life” 
  • Backgrounds in design, engineering, and material technology
Coh&Co founders, Mette and Paul, laugh while looking at each other at the bikefarm in Kelstrup, Slagelse

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of a belt drive?

Erik is outfitted with a Gates Carbon Belt drive providing:

  • better power transmission than a chain
  • lighter weight than a chain
  • longer lasting than a chain
  • less stretch than a chain
  • much quieter than a chain
  • no lubrication required
  • no oily mess on your pant legs

Belt drive cons

  • belt-drive systems are restricted to internal hub gears or single-speed drive trains
  • internal gear systems are well suited for urban riding and although wonderfully low in maintenance, they are heavier than classical derailleurs found on racing bikes.
  • reinforced with carbon fiber, belt drive systems are incredibly strong and durable but they can not escape a limited amount of wear and tear, and when in need of replacement they are more costly than an inexpensive chain.
Green Erik urban with Efneo front gearbox and Gates carbon belt drive

Why have you chosen mechanical brakes over hydraulic ones?

Coh&Co has chosen to equip the Erik with a dual caliper, double action, disk brake system actuated with a cable instead of hydraulics. 

This provides a more robust and more service-friendly solution than would otherwise be found with a hydraulic braking system without giving up on breaking performance

Can you tell me more about StoneWeave material technology?

StoneWeave is a high technology material that combines fibers extracted from volcanic basalt (think cotton cand floss) with carbon fiber. 

Together these materials provide the toughness and strength required to survive the urban landscape. When combined with our proprietary, reclaimable resin system they become the first recyclable composite bicycles in the world. 

Is it really recyclable – how?

Basalt, carbon fiber, and our unique matrix (the stuff that binds the fibers together) produce a fantastically strong and long-lasting material, and when they one day need to be recycled this technology opens the door for doing so without pyrolyzing (burning off the resin) or damaging the fiber, thus providing high-quality material for a second-generation lifecycle.

StoneWeave is recycled through a low energy process that involves boiling the material to be reclaimed in a Vinegar like solution at low/medium pressure. After this, the resin can be extracted from the solvent and the fiber washed and repurposed.

What does “Lifetime Warranty” mean?

With our Recapture program Coh&Co is offering to buy back any Coh&Co branded bicycle after it has rounded ten years of service – either to refurbish and resell the bike or to recycle the frame material and repurpose it. Customers can register for Recapture when buying a Coh&Co bicycle and ownership can be passed on, either to us or a new owner together with the buy-back guarantee. 

Why did you design the Erik for 650B wheels?

Despite the illusion, there is no reason that large wheels are any faster than smaller wheels. Actually, it is easier to get smaller wheels up to speed and that means they accelerate faster. Maybe the best example of this is that the 200-meter flying start World Speed record is held by a bike with 17” wheels – and it has been so for the past 33 years. All else being equal, smaller wheels accelerate faster than bigger ones and that means they are much better suited for urban riding, where one often has to stop at lights and stop signs.

Another reason we designed with 650B’s is that the bike has a pretty sporty front-end geometry and the 650B’s reduce the percentage of radial instance of toe overlap. This makes the bike a lot easier to handle without compromising the very sporty feel.

So, what are the disadvantages of smaller wheels? In extreme cases, smaller wheels give a harsher ride on rough terrain like cobblestones, but that is not an issue for a frame like the Erik, which has a natural ability to absorb road vibration.

Why slick Kojak tires?

It’s a common misconception that tires need to have tread to be grippy in the rain. Studies reveal that for a slick bicycle to lose traction and grip and aquaplane it needs to travel over 100km/h. The Kojak tires fit the style of the Erik and give a great grippy ride and that’s why we have chosen to fit them to our Erik as standard. It’s a common misconception that tires need to have tread to be grippy in the rain. 

Why only two sizes?

To keep things simple we have chosen only two frame sizes. First of all, it saves keeping massive amounts of stock to you as a dealer but also it makes sizing up a bike with a customer much easier. Our seat-post is adjustable enough to accommodate most adult lengths and we advise up to 165-170 cm to go for the 54 frames and everything above this to go for the 57.

Which options and configurations are available?

Single Speed / Alfine 8 internal Alfine 11 Internal

Colour options:

Graphite, Sky Blue, Green, White


  • A Space Saving Stem Lock 
  • Lets you detach the front wheel from the steering so that it is impossible to ride the bike without a key, protecting your bike from theft
Sideview of graphite Erik urban daily commuter with Zehus BIKE all-in-one motor system and Gates carbon belt drive
Green Green Erik urban parked in studio
Sideview of folded white Erik Urban SlimBike in studio
Siggi - electric folding bike
Siggi | Folding e-bike

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