Customer registration

How to register customers for the Recapture program

With our Recapture program Coh&Co is offering to buy back any Coh&Co bicycle after it has rounded ten years of service – either to refurbish and resell the bike or to recycle the frame material and repurpose it. Customers can register for Recapture when buying a Coh&Co bicycle and ownership can be passed on, either to us or a new owner together with the buy-back guarantee. 

Here's how it works

With each bicycle that is shipped to you, there is an envelope attached. Inside you’ll find a dedicated QR code for the bike, which is what the customer uses to register for the Recapture Program (Lifetime Warranty). 


  1. Retrieve the QR code from the envelope
  2. Have your customer scan the QR code with his/her phone
  3. Your customer will now enter a registration page, where he/she is asked to fill in the bike frame number, and the person’s preferred email address. 
  4. Once they have clicked “Register” we will manually approve the registration here at Coh&Co, and within a day or two, your customer will receive a confirmation.
Woman and man riding bicycles in sunny weather near lake in Christianshavn, Copenhagen.
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