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The evolution of a streetwise Siggi

As many are aware, last summer we debuted our new folding bicycle which we named Siggi and presented her to the world on Indiegogo. Siggi is unique in many ways, being the first folding bike in the history of the

White Erik Urban StoneWeave frame lying on table

StoneWeave: Why carbon?

We at Coh&Co are quite focused on understanding our role in a new urban mobility landscape. Our mission is to get more people out riding their bicycles because we believe that riding to work is not only more environmentally friendly,

Tech talk

Revisiting the roots of our classic proprietary dropout

Here at Coh&Co, we are great fans of modularity. Our modular design journey began with the development of our dropouts and we believe that this approach has given us a unique opportunity to tune and service our models in a


VeloSled means versatility and ride

When we first conceived the VeloSled we did so knowing that we wanted to move the user experience into the realm of what they in the car world call the sport utility. Our vision encompassed a versatile vehicle that seamlessly

Belt drive

“So What’s the Deal with the Rubber Band?”

Belt-driven bicycles often catch people’s attention and spur a bunch of questions. Belts are ideal for urban bikes, internal gear touring bikes, single speeds and fixies: and that is why we choose them whenever we believe it makes sense. Despite


Shelter from the storm

We firmly believe that cycling year-round is entirely feasible with the right attire, but being a passenger is an entirely different experience. Our VeloSled cargo bikes are perfect for transporting kids, family, and groceries, but we understand the need for

Siggi - electric folding bike
Siggi | Folding e-bike

32% Off

The new folding bike Siggi is live on Indiegogo. It is the perfect combination of performance and convenience with an elegant fold.