Shelter from the storm


Front load cargo bikes offer a beautiful opportunity to create meaningful, lasting memories with your children. Placing your kids up front, rather than on a backseat or rear bike carrier, opens up a world of connection and shared experiences that are truly extraordinary. Imagine the joy of navigating the bustling streets of town or the serene countryside with your little ones right in front of you, engaged in conversations about everything under the sun.

Yet, it’s when the weather takes a turn for the worse, with shorter days, chilly winds, and relentless autumn rains turning even a simple trip to school into an outdoor expedition that the true value of a modern front loader cargo bike shines through. While some may brave the elements with rain jackets and snug winter gear, there’s no denying that a shelter on your bike can transform the journey into a cozy haven for those riding up front. Let’s face it, although kids may need a wash every now and then, it’s not pleasant for them to sit in the cold rain and wind when they aren’t the ones pedalling to keep warm.

We firmly believe that cycling year-round is entirely feasible with the right attire, but being a passenger is an entirely different experience. Our VeloSled cargo bikes are perfect for transporting kids, family, and groceries, but we understand the need for a protective space when the weather turns harsh. That’s why we’ve developed the SledTent, a solution that quickly unfolds to provide a snug shelter for VeloSled passengers, no matter the weather.

Coh&Co’s SledTent is the ideal refuge for foul weather when riding the VeloSled. It’s designed for easy setup and storage and ensures protection without creating a sense of isolation. With windows all around and an open back, the SledTent allows riders and passengers to maintain a constant flow of communication. This open back is a crucial feature, as it fosters that wonderful connection that makes riding a bike together so special. Spending time on our bikes with kids is a unique opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations and discover the world around us.

Unlike typical closed tents or box solutions, which often separate the rider from the passenger, the VeloSled’s SledTent ensures that togetherness remains at the heart of the experience. Rain, sleet, or snow, the VeloSled’s SledTent transforms every outing into a chance for quality time and shared adventures.

This Tuesday, November 7th, you save 1,398 € or 10.440 DKK on a beautiful white VeloSled Anna Electric. Don’t forget to get the optional SledTent upgrade to shelter your passengers in the rainy season. Click the button below to claim this offer today.

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