VeloSled means versatility and ride


When we first conceived the VeloSled we did so knowing that we wanted to move the user experience into the realm of what they in the car world call the sport utility. Our vision encompassed a versatile vehicle that seamlessly transitions from a cargo bed to a passenger cockpit for kids, offering a spacious bed for two children or even an adult. We aimed for cockpit-style seating that effortlessly transforms into an enclosed cabin, all while delivering an exceptionally responsive and well-accelerating ride – hence the “sport” element in the name.

Versatility often comes with trade-offs, but we were determined not to let the VeloSled feel like a compromise. Instead, we wanted it to embody a perfect fit for all its roles. The VeloSled frame, crafted from our recyclable carbon material, StoneWeave, ensures an ultra-lightweight and super-responsive ride, surpassing the durability of steel or aluminium. This material is resistant to corrosion and denting, and can never suffer from cracked welds, thus providing a robust foundation. Our frames undergo rigorous load testing, exceeding 400 kilos, ensuring the bike can withstand considerable punishment.

With the frame in place, we selected stainless steel tubing to shape the front bed’s skeleton. This foundation is ideal for securing substantial cargo, with the added benefit of easy scratch and tarnish removal through polishing. It acts as a rugged fender, offering protection against collisions during use, safeguarding precious cargo – whether it’s your children or a newly purchased stereo from the Hi-Fi shop. This framework also allowed us to choose a tough textile base and sides that protect passengers and cargo from shocks and jarring.

The bike’s foundation serves as a versatile platform, allowing for the quick creation of a secure, well-protected, and padded nest for small children. Alternatively, folding down the front hood provides a reclining lawn chair-style accommodation for an adult. Our SledTent, deployable in moments on top of the erected canopy, ensures a secure shelter against the elements. This feature keeps cargo, kids, or a friend warm and dry on the journey home. The VeloSled epitomizes versatility and an unparalleled riding experience.

Turning our eyes from the bike to the powertrain we chose our German-built NeoDrives, rear hub motor that not only provides a great Pedelec riding experience but also allows for quick and easy service at any service point. Any issues and a quick change of the rear wheel will get you out riding again until the problem can be sorted.

VeloSleds have been used for everything from 3-week family vacations with children to hauling cargo 125 kilometers across Jutland in western Denmark. We do our best to keep innovating and moving the design ahead as new ideas and technologies arise.

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