Exploring the urban outskirts


Living a daily life in the big city can be an exciting and fast-paced experience offering new challenges and variety every day. For the type of person that enjoys this way of life,  it is what keeps life interesting and the everyday fresh. However, sometimes the big city can become a little overwhelming, even for the best adapted city dweller. In these cases, a short day trip to the urban outskirts can be a much needed break, and what better way to explore these often beautiful  and less crowded parts of the city than by bike.

A commuting life

At Coh&Co we love the city life! A major part of living in an urban environment is getting around. Every day you have to go to and from work, explore the many social and cultural opportunities that’s on offer and sometimes there’s just too much to do and too little time to do it all. That is where it is crucial to have an efficient and flexible means of transportation that allows you to do as much as possible without losing time on going from a to b and back.


The flexibility of cycling

A great privilege of city life is the many modes of transportation, be it the bus, metro or train. These are great, but not always the most flexible (or economic) solution. This is a major reason why bikes are so amazing. Bicycles offer as much flexibility as cars, but without the worry of getting stuck in morning traffic, the cost of fuel and the constant search for a space to park. Not to mention the much reduced impact on the environment. Owning a well-riding bike simply gives you the freedom of moving precisely when you want to.

A key to natural experiences

A flexible mode of transportation is not just great in the everyday hassle of going to and from work. It gives you a greater reach as well, meaning you can visit the parts of the city you don’t normally go to. While these special areas are not part of your daily routine, they often have unique experiences to offer. As you enter the outskirts of the city, often you’ll find yourself in the middle of a natural environment. Forrests, lakes, open fields and beaches are just a small handful of wonderful areas located just on the brink of the city. It is these places that we often don’t visit (at least not as often as we’d like) if it means taking the train or having to own a car, and in the fast-pace of everyday life, unfortunately, we end up forgetting these places even exist. However, thanks to the flexibility of bikes, this mode of transportation becomes the key that unlocks incredible experiences that prove themselves unique to what you might find in the concrete jungle.

Unfold your city

Now, while most types of bikes out there can be used for shorter trips, not all bikes are equal. At Coh&Co we’ve designed every bike in our line-up to serve a different purpose or use-case and that way we believe that we have something for every type of urban cyclist. Would you like to take your family to the beach? Check out the two-wheeled cargobike, VeloSled Family. Want a more sporty ride through the forrest? Our gravel bike Mattis has got you covered. Do you just want a great commuter bike that can also take you a bit further in the weekends? Erik Electric is probably what you are looking for. We’ve got something for everyone! 

But, if you want true flexibility, something that is both sporty, offers an unparalleled ride and can be folded compactly and brought onboard a train or in the trunk of your car, the newest addition to our line-up, our folding bike Siggi is the perfect fit for you. With a folding bike like Siggi, you can enjoy true freedom of movement. A mode of transportation that doesn’t slow you down or gets in your way. So, get on out there and unfold your city!

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