Vienna Waits for Siggi


Come along with Paul Harder Cohen, Coh&Co’s founder and principal designer of our new folding bike Siggi, as he embarks on an over 1.250 km long bike journey starting in Copenhagen and concluding in Vienna. This is the ultimate test of what Siggi is capable of, how well the riding experience actually is, if the full suspension system can withstand the ruggedness of tough gravel and which design choices need to be improved upon before Siggi is fully ready. Siggi was fully packed with almost 30 kg of cargo on various pannier bags mounted on the baggage carrier and in the front on the handlebar. Along the way, Paul enjoyed the company of old friends and new friends, as he travelled through Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Germany and finally Austria. Except for a couple of punctures, one being a “snake bite”, this trip has truly been an amazing ride, a testament to Siggi’s strength and endurance and a teaching experience for Paul.

We believe in the concept of “Bicycles For Life” and are determined to enhance Siggi’s design to make it even more reliable and user-friendly. With the lessons learned from their 1200 km journey to Vienna, Paul has a clear vision of how to improve Siggi. He understands the importance of addressing certain issues that arose during the trip, and he sees these challenges as opportunities for improving upon an already incredible design. The first enhancement we are implementing is a latch for the back wheel, ensuring that it no longer swings automatically like some other folding bikes. This improvement will provide a more stable and secure riding experience for all cyclists. Additionally, the left-style fork is undergoing a small redesign, with a focus on streamlining the folding component. This will not only make Siggi even more convenient to store but also contribute to its sleek and aesthetically pleasing design. For those interested in touring with Siggi, we are introducing an addition to the baggage carrier. This addition will effectively protect panniers from rubbing against the wheels when mounted, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable touring experience. In conclusion, the adventure to Vienna was not just a journey, but a valuable experience that has led us to make thoughtful adjustments and refinements to Siggi’s design. We are excited about the future, and confident that these improvements will elevate Siggi’s performance and cement its place as a top choice for cyclists worldwide. We can wait to begin the production of your Siggis and send them out onto the streets.

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Siggi - electric folding bike
Siggi | Folding e-bike

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