VeloSled Anna - Weaving Tapestries


For over 4,000 years, the dogsled has been more than just a mode of
transportation. For the Inuit, their ‘qamutiit’ has been a lifeline
across the vast open tundra. In a rhythmic symphony of paws and runners gliding over snow, it weaves stories of connection, resilience, and unity. Uniting distant relatives, an expedition on the family’s dogsled is a shared adventure for the entire family—a journey where the destination is not just a place but a shared experience, an enriching tapestry of life lived under the endless sky.

The Inuit inspiration

Coh&Co’s VeloSled is not just a cool name it is an idea. We didn’t want to build just another box on a bike, with the VeloSled we created a modern ‘Qamutiit’ for the urban adventurer  – a tool for families to surf the urban streets and weave their own tapestries together.

Some VeloSled families stick to short excursions to and fro from work, school and the grocery market. Others venture further abroad and take on the open road. Just a few weeks ago, our very own bicycle mechanic, Marcus, and his family embraced a classic Quamutiit-style adventure. Marcus, who has been a part of our team for over three years, set off with his girlfriend, Nathali, their two children, Theo & Ingrid, and his brother, Victor, who also works at Coh&Co while pursuing his engineering studies. They hopped on the family VeloSled, with the adults riding their own bikes, and headed east from Korsør for an overnight shelter camping trip.

Credit where credit is due, 4-year-old Theo actually rode his bike, most of the way despite also having to keep his uncle under control at the end of an elastic leash (Victor may have a different view on this).

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Leaving Korsør the road was Tarmac and to avoid primary roads the route was a bit winding through Boeslunde and then turning up towards the evening goal at the Sludstrup camping lean-to site. The first half of the trip was well-dressed but then the gang had to negotiate a couple of kilometers of relatively gnarly gravel. This is where Theo had a bit of a challenge and on the way home the second day he and his bike hitched a ride on the VeloSled with Dad to “portage” the less negotiable stretches. Once across the rough terrain the road evened out again and became negotiable dirt and tarmac. All in all, this was between 25 and 30km out and the same again going home on Sunday.

We do sometimes get comments about the tyres we fit on our VeloSleds being narrow (up to 38mm,) but we have thousands of kilometres of experience in gravel or rough terrain and this seems to do fine as long as you are not ploughing through deep mud, deep snow or loose sand. Let’s face it Cyclo-cross doesn’t allow any more than 33mm wide tyres.

Sludstrup campsite proved itself a great place for a family camping. Surrounded by woods with plenty of animal life and well-maintained lean-to-style shelters. Marcus caught the eye of a hare scampering through
the campground. Asking the kids they may say that the culmination of the evening was roasting marshmallows on the open fire but preparing oatmeal over the open fire in the morning may have been a bigger culinary challenge.

Reflecting on the trip and looking ahead it can be concluded that this was the beginning of October in Scandinavia and it might be good to stick to the warmer months or bring some warmer gear along next time. It also became apparent that the long summer nights were drawing to a close and that it would have been good to bring along a bit more light.

This sort of family excursion encapsulates the spirit of exploration, family togetherness, and the sheer joy of experiencing the world on two wheels.

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