The power of Zehus


Electric bikes have become a solid part of the urban mobility scene, and while we here at Coh&Co love the way in which e-bikes augment our range and make a ride a bit more exhilarating, we are cyclists at heart. This is why we have chosen to partner with Zehus for our Erik urban electric and Siggi models to provide a non-intrusive human cycling experience with a dash of bionic fun.

You are in charge

At Coh&Co one of our missions is to make long-lasting, well-riding, bikes accessible to everyone and e-bikes are absolutely a part of that offering.

As avid bike riders ourselves, we see the growing trend of e-bikes as a mode of transportation that offers riders an opportunity to raise the bar on their cycling experience, but it does so at the risk of filling a niche as a modern form of moped. Riding means a certain amount of exercise and we believe that cycling to and from work and the supermarket is more than just a great way to improve life in our cities but also a way to improve one’s health and press the mental reset button after work. In other words, cycling is more than transportation, it’s fun and good for you. There are some amazing electric bikes on the market, but with our bikes, we see an opportunity for using electric assist to enhance your ride, without taking away the feeling of riding a bike.

Our philosophy with Zehus Motors

We have taken a different approach to electric assist on e-bikes.

Our partnership with Zehus Motors from Italy is important to us because their design and philosophy fit seamlessly with our bikes. Here in Europe pedal, electric assisted bicycles are most commonly referred to as PEDELEC bicycles. Pedelec legislation allows for a bicycle to offer the rider assistance only when pedalling and to offer support up to 25km/h with no more than 1 motor, maximum of 250 watts of constant effect (peak output may exceed 250W). Within this legislation, most countries in Europe will treat the vehicle under the same set of rules relevant to a bicycle. PEDELEC laws prohibit the use of a throttle for acceleration, with a throttle, a bike would end up in a different vehicle category more like a scooter. Although there are other regulations in existence for other vehicle categories, Pedelecs are, for all intensive purposes, treated as bicycles and intended to make sure that riders enjoy biking rather than using them as a powered form of transport to get from point A to point B. This distinction lies at the very heart of why we here at Coh&Co have chosen to build bikes that offer an unobtrusive augmented cycling experience and not a scooter. Together with the Zehus system, our Erik Urban Electric and Siggi Electric bikes offer a cycling experience where the rider is in charge. 

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Zehus motors are designed with an integrated motor/ battery combination making for a sleek-looking bike that is easy to maintain and use. No cables, no controllers or external batteries are needed. Further, Zehus‘s app-controlled settings allow you to set the system to provide just the right amount of assistance that feels good for you – a handlebar controller is available but it’s not necessary because the motor identifies your specific setting via Bluetooth.  We say it’s like biking with the wind rather than against it!

Finally, we would like to draw attention to KERS. Zehus is equipped with a regenerative braking option allowing riders to use the bike as a brake and help extend their range by using the braking energy for the motor to help generate electricity.

Save 1,063 € (or 7.935 DKK) this Tuesday, October 31 on a limited Erik Electric (3-speed).

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Why electric bikes make sense

  1. Hills are a breeze – Electric bikes make hills so much easier. With a motor, you can select the level of assistance which can give you just the right amount of push to tackle any hill.

  2. Faster for longer – A pedelec bike is the perfect companion for exploration. You can go further for longer without running down your own battery.

  3. Less stress, less sweat – Electric bikes are great for your daily commute. Pedelec riding may require pedalling but it is definitely less strenuous than riding a normal bike so that means you can avoid getting sweaty on your way to work!

  4. Better for the environment and your bank – E-bikes are an integral part of the future of mobility. For many, they can even replace a making them both environmentally friendly while helping you save a lot on transportation costs.

We see a lot of potential with electric bikes and we hope you do too! Come by our shop to test ride one of our bike models with a Zehus motor or find out more on our website.

Erik Urban Electric

Tuesday Deal

Now that you know a bit about our design and philosophy on electric bikes, it is a good time to mention another one of our core values. We created an ecosystem for bikes that promotes sustainability and recyclability with a focus on refurbishing our own bikes and giving them a new life. This is where the Tuesday Deal comes in. For a discounted price, you can own an Erik with a Zehus motor which has been refurbished!

Save 1,063 € (or 7.935 DKK) this Tuesday, October 31 on a limited Erik Electric (3-speed).

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Siggi - electric folding bike
Siggi | Folding e-bike

32% Off

The new folding bike Siggi is live on Indiegogo. It is the perfect combination of performance and convenience with an elegant fold.