Siggi launches on June 21st


The next model in our line-up, Siggi, launches on Indiegogo on June 21st. Siggi is a high-performance, 20″ wheeled folding bike packed with innovative features to elevate your everyday commute and leisure.

So, why Indiegogo?

People have been asking us that for a while, and the truth of the matter is that we’ve never launched a bike on Indiegogo before. When we look back on the experiences we’ve had making our previous models, there has been a development time that is the result of growth in the market.

The cool thing is, Indiegogo opens up an opportunity to share it with you guys, while we’re developing. That way we can use the feedback coming from you and put it all into our Siggi. We learned that the volume and the support that comes from a group of first-movers like you will help us to develop the last details of Siggi, and that it is exactly how we want it.

Designed on a foundation of everyday experience

Coh&Co is a Copenhagen-based company, and both our directors, Mette and Paul, live in the city. Using that cycling dynamic of living in the city, has allowed them to invest themselves in developing a brand that is urban commuter-focused and lifestyle focused. Our products have really been the result of what we learn on the street.

We ride in the city every single day, and in a city that is so dynamic, getting from A to B is just the easiest on a bicycle. This everyday experience is the foundation for all of our designs and Siggi is the ultimate example of this. Where our cargo bike Anna is sort of the family station car and our Erik Urban is the sports car, Siggi is the vehicle that does it all. Siggi will be a bike for you to take into town, into your apartment, out to your summer house and out on your boat and still enjoy the ride.

We’ve been missing a bike that is flexible enough to accommodate for every situation you have in your everyday life, like hopping on a train or going down in the metro with a bike under your arm. There are just so many ways you move around in the city in your daily life, going to work and back, heading to school with your kids. You need a flexible bike that is compact, easy and just helps you reach your destination.

Meet Siggi at our pre-launch party

On June 16, we celebrate the launch of Siggi with a pre-launch party at our Copenhagen Showroom. This is the opportunity to test ride Siggi, meet the Coh&Co team and learn more about this new exciting bike.

Of course, a party isn’t a party without tasty drinks. We asked our fantastic friends at Bicycle Brewing to create a limited edition Siggi beer specifically for the occasion. It’s a delicious hazy IPA with Idaho 7 and galaxy hops. So, not only can you test Siggi, you’ll even be able to taste it.

Everyone is welcome. See you on June 16 and make sure to be ready to order your own Siggi on June 21, when the campaign launches. Remember the saying: The early bird gets the… well, special early bird discount on Siggi.

Siggi | Folding e-bike

32% Off

The new folding bike Siggi is live on Indiegogo. It is the perfect combination of performance and convenience with an elegant fold.