Envisioning the ideal urban bike


The great potential of small-wheeled bikes

We see a lot of potential for a small-wheeled bike, not only for its compact size but also for its riding qualities. Coupled with aesthetics that make you excited and happy to use your bike, we think this is a perfect combination for an urban lifestyle.

There are a lot of possibilities to design a smaller bicycle for the urban environment and it just felt like a bike was missing from the market. Our next bike model has 20″ wheels and a folding frame to minimise space and maximise the possibilities in your everyday life. Whether you want to take the bike on the train or car, store it inside your home or office, or even take it on a plane, this bike will fit seamlessly into your life. It is performance-oriented and flexible meaning it should expand the opportunities in your life and allow you to get around easily.

We are excited to share even more with you in the coming weeks. Follow Coh&Co on YouTube for the next video. It’s right around the corner!

Siggi | Folding e-bike

32% Off

The new folding bike Siggi is live on Indiegogo. It is the perfect combination of performance and convenience with an elegant fold.