Addressing Earth Overshoot Day

Although it may sound ominous, a shadow hangs over us here in Denmark & this year it is recognised on the 16th of March – I am referring to “Earth Overshoot Day”. This sobering date marks the point when we, as Danes, have exceeded our per capita allotment of what is estimated to be a sustainable consumption of our planet’s resources. Everything we consume from now until the year out represents the excessiveness of our lifestyle. Although this is a symbolic date it illustrates clearly the disproportional gap between our lifestyle and the earth’s resources.

Quick tips on bike maintenance

Young man showing friend his sky blue Erik Urban with Zehus motor system in Copenhagen

There’s no way around it: Bikes need maintenance from time to time. Although keeping your bike oiled up and clean is a crucial factor in ensuring the longevity of your bike, the constant maintenance can feel like a hassle. However, appreciating the necessary maintenance and learning about the health of your bike can not only prolong its overall lifespan, but also enhance the joy of riding the bike. Here’s a couple of general tips on bike maintenance and how often to do it.

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