A following breeze – understanding e-bikes

Anyone who cycles regularly has experienced the feeling of soaring. Soaring on a bike is the sensation that all is as it should be. You feel like you are in great form and the bike accelerates almost effortlessly. You’re ahead of the game and you’re feeling good. Unfortunately, this is sometimes followed by a bit of a downer when on your return trip you discover that the wind is against you and your legs and bicycle are both slower and heavier than on the trip out.

Cycling to work

One of our recurring themes here at Coh&Co is commuting. We love to ride and we love to take a roll on the weekends, but it is in everyday life that bikes get under your skin. Getting up in the morning and juggling the kids out the door to climb into the family VeloSled where they can finish breakfast as you discuss school or afternoon plans. Enjoying the wind in your hair as you soar through town and even getting to the top of that irritating hill before the final stretch to the office are all seasoning on a daily commute. Quality time with kids, getting off the train to unfold your folding bike and zip off the final kilometer or two are all quality moments that invigorate.

On the road

I enjoy packing my bike and setting off into the sunset to spend a few days or even a couple of weeks ambling down the road ahead. Together with friends, or even alone, I enjoy exploring the nature and countryside along the road and the villages and towns I stumble upon. Over the past 7 or 8 years I have taken many trips short and longer and somehow the anticipation of what’s around the next corner and the pleasure of relaxing with a beer or a cup of coffee at some roadside inn never seems to diminish.

Exploring the urban outskirts

Living a daily life in the big city can be an exciting and fast-paced experience offering new challenges and variety every day. For the type of person that enjoys this way of life,  it is what keeps life interesting and the everyday fresh. However, sometimes the big city can become a little overwhelming, even for the best adapted city dweller. In these cases, a short day trip to the urban outskirts can be a much needed break, and what better way to explore these often beautiful  and less crowded parts of the city than by bike.

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