New and improved features on VeloSled Anna


We’re always trying to improve in every aspect of what we do. This time, we have upgraded some of the functional features of our cargo bike Anna. In this journal post, we’d like to highlight some of the new design changes we’ve come up with. Here’s what we’ve changed.

The kickstand

Improved stability

Anna is a fantastic city bike. She is a reliable companion whether you are dropping off your kids at school or kindergarten or heading to the supermarket for groceries.

Not just a city bike

However, we don’t consider our line-up of urban bikes limited to the city’s paved streets. They are also purposed for outdoor adventures. That often means parking in natural environments, where the ground is soft and not as straight. This can cause tricky situations if the kickstand sinks into the ground, or the bike leans too much to one side.

Metallic cylinder

To fix this issue, we’ve improved Anna’s kickstand. We’ve added a metallic cylinder to the bottom of the kickstand to improve both the overall stability of Anna, but also prevent the kickstand from digging into softer soils. With this small upgrade, bringing your kids to the forest or the beach is no hassle.

Red VeloSled Anna cargo bike frame behind blue bench on Islands Brygge, Copenhagen
A young man and woman chatting by water with cargo bike VeloSled Anna on Islands Brygge in Copenhagen

Closed-off front bed

Secure your belongings

Anna is a versatile cargo bike. The front bed is both a comfortable seating area for your passengers and a nice place to store your cargo. However, we felt that this part could also do with a nice upgrade.

Simplified velcro adjustments

In previous versions of Anna, the caleche was fastened to the front bed with string. This solution meant that unmounting the caleche could be a bit of a hassle. It also had the unfortunate consequence that smaller pieces of cargo could fall out through the holes while riding. To solve these problems, we’ve replaced the rope with heavy-duty velcro. The result is a much easier removal of the caleche as well as a closed-off front bed floor, where your cargo can’t fall through.

Caleche materials

Anna is designed to last. That is why we opted for the sturdy Cordura fabric. Cordura is great, as it is both waterproof and highly durable. This makes for a more sustainable product. One of the best ways to improve sustainability is to buy high-quality products that last longer, effectively increasing the time before you have to replace them. Another way is to care for your belongings. When we design our bikes, we always try and come up with ways for them to be low in maintenance. If a product is easier to maintain, chances are that the owner is more likely to maintain that product.

What our experience in the marine industry taught us

From our daily lives in the Danish climate, we have learned to respect the weather. And our long experience in the marine industry has taught us that solid, long-lasting solutions are absolutely paramount when the weather conditions are harsh.

Quality is an investment

Investing in high-quality products is beneficial for a number of reasons. Yes, the price you pay is initially higher, quality products usually require more expensive materials and are generally more difficult or more time-consuming to produce. However, the increased quality also results in a product that withstands daily wear and tear for longer. That means you save money in the long term since you won’t have to replace or repair the product for a while. At the same time, high-quality products deliver a nicer experience.


These ideas are at the core of our design process. We strive to offer high-quality bikes that will last you longer and offer a greater overall experience to you. That way, you can buy less and be happier with the things you end up buying. Nothing lasts forever. To prolong the lifespan of our bikes, we’ve developed a circular ecosystem. We named this system Recapture. Coh&Co will buy back any bikes with the purpose of refurbishment and reselling or we will recycle and repurpose the frame material. We always reuse the components where possible.

Mother with boy searches backpack in with urban cargo bike Anna is parked in Copenhagen
Mother relaxing in the front bed of VeloSled Anna cargobike while talking to her child
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