How to adjust your bike

While I am far from being a professional bike fitter I do spend my days designing bikes and a big part of that is ergonomics. I also spend a considerable amount of time riding through town where it often surprises me how many people are riding bikes that are either way too large or way too small for them. Others are riding bikes that may fit them, but they just aren’t adjusted properly with the seat being too high or too low.

Shedding light

Being able to ride your bike at night is a central part of an urban cycling lifestyle, and while it may seem like a simple “no-brainer” there are some considerations to be made when choosing your lights. More is not always better and the rules vary from place to place across Europe. Bike lights have two functions: One is to help you see in the dark and the other is to help make you more visible to others, be they cyclists pedestrians or motorists.

An electron wind – understanding e-bikes

At Coh&Co we produce unique bicycles ideally suited for the urban environment. A growing portion of these are e-bikes. E-bikes have been around for almost 130 years, it is however first during the past decade or so that they have managed to come of age. Much of this is due to battery technology and controller technology. Modern lithium-ion cells have a power density greater than 4 or 5 times that of an old-fashioned lead-acid battery from yore. Just as important as power density, they have gotten much smaller occupying less than one-twelfth of the space when measured in Wh/L. That means there is much more zoom for the room and less weight to push around.

Oh My God! My Grandfather had those!

Sky blue Mattis gravel bike with Gevenalle friction shifters in Copenhagen

Gevenalle shifters, initially introduced as Retroshift, evoke a sense of nostalgia with the term “retro.” However, despite the nostalgic connotations, the Gevenalle shifting system is anything but outdated. While paddle shifters and STI-style shifters may offer comfort and aesthetics, they struggle to match the Gevenalle system in terms of shifting speed, indexing performance, compatibility, lightweight design, and durability.

Stop – the braking news on squeling, stretching and leaking

At Coh&Co we believe that riding a bike is one of life’s elixirs, capable of transforming any day into a more rewarding experience. As great as it is to soar through city streets, an urban bike needs to be able to stop suddenly when one day a kid runs out in front of you, or a distracted motorist cuts you off as they make a last second right turn without signalling. Bicycle brakes are probably the most important performance feature of a bicycle.

Reflecting on the sun and the planets

Internal gear systems have been around for a long long time and since their beginnings in the mid-1890s, the largest majority have been based on a planetary gear system. Here at Coh&Co we rely on Shimano’s high-end, Alfine internal hub gears and offer both the 8 spd and the 11 spd version. We believe the Alfine offers a fantastic level of value and performance so that is where we have focused our Internal gear hub efforts.

Revisiting the roots of our classic proprietary dropout

Here at Coh&Co, we are great fans of modularity. Our modular design journey began with the development of our dropouts and we believe that this approach has given us a unique opportunity to tune and service our models in a manner very unique to Coh&Co all while offering longer product life cycles and flexibility without having to sacrifice performance.

Siggi | Folding e-bike

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