Introducing 'Anna'

The lightest, toughest cargo bike yet

Reinterpreting the two-wheeled cargo bike, our Velosled has a lot of room for transporting adults as well as children not to mention the groceries or any other cargo. Manufactured with a full carbon frame this bike is lighter, stiffer and stronger than has ever been seen before.

VeloSled has wishbone suspension, adjustable steering angles, 200 kilo capacity, the option for adding an electric motor, and not the least a long lasting and maintainable design that can go on for decades. She is built using an unusually strong and tough carbon fiber technology making it maintenance free, repairable and fantastically light.

We call this model ‘Anna’. Her design is inspired by the Inuit “qamutit” dog sleds that have been used in Greenland as family and expedition transport for centuries. ‘Anna’ has been brought into the world to provide efficient and enjoyable transportation for the entire family.

Available soon!

We’ll be updating about the progress of VeloSled here and on our social media as we go along.

Expect bikes ready for sale in September. Prices from 3000 euros.

Write us or catch us on the phone for more information or sales enquiries
+45 28357394 


Carbon delight

Lightweight, strong and versatile

Innovative use of materials makes Anna the toughest ride on the road. The strength and lightness of carbon together with a slick two-wheeled design, gives a smooth ride, while keeping your bike stiff and agile even when its fully loaded. 

Safety and comfort

Feel in control of your ride

Redundant cable steering makes sure you always have a safe and comfortable ride. A carefully selected brake system combined with highly responsive steering capabilities gives you full control, ensuring a smooth ride even with a heavy load of cargo.

Heavy duty capabilities

Rugged design for industrial cargo

Anna will accept pretty much any type of cargo. The stiffness of the frame makes sure that even heavy loads won’t make her shiver. The front rack is flexible and prepared for various accessories to fit your needs, be it transporting tools, parcels or lunch for your employees.

Power and flexibility

The optimal electrical solution

Electric bicycles are helping more riders buck headwinds than ever before. Anna utilises a hub mounted motor which ensures that the weight of the motor is giro stabilised by the wheel itself – and it reduces wear and tear on the drive train. More importantly it allows the bicycle to be updated, converted and maintained as needed without regard to the frame. We have multiple hub drive options available to fit the needs and pockets of almost any rider.

Adjustable saddle position

Choose your riding style

Annas seat tube can be adjusted forward and backwards as well as up and down, making her comfortable for riders large and small. Her handlebars can also be adjusted up and down for different riding styles. 

No grease, no fuss

Belt drive option for hassle-free riding

Everyday riding puts a strain on any bike. An oil free belt drive makes Anna easy to maintain, more powerful and provides a silent ride.

Flexible and simple

VeloSled will evolve with your needs and your lifestyle. Be it with kids or no kids, city riding and shopping errands or just moving stuff around town. VeloSled is a great ride for the everyday jaunt and a flexible companion for individuals and families. 

Our rear hub driven, electric motor solution can be fitted to any sled, so that when the kids are old enough to ride by themselves, your sled can become yours again and be on stand by as the ”family wagon”. The VeloSled is designed to be modular so that the motor option can be swopped on or off throughout its life and the rack combination and accessories can be added or removed as needed. 

Why carbon?

Two wheeled cargo bikes are long and can carry a lot of weight. This means that they present unusual challenges when it comes to dealing with frame twist. 

We chose carbon because it is several times stiffer than aluminium and much better at withstanding fatigue than any other man made material. Additionally carbon does not corrode which makes it well suited for the task at hand. 

Contrary to its reputation carbon is also phenomenally tough and quite repairable. We have designed our laminate with maintainablility and reparability in mind  should it ever be damaged. Our production version will be available with a gel coat surface to ensure a surface finish that can last for decades. 

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