Our vision //

Our city is filled with bicycles and cyclists and we love it! But bicycles all seem to be drab aluminium or steel frames with throwaway components. They all fall into disrepair and do very little to inspire maintenance and care. Why don’t we ride bicycles that inspire us – bicycles that inspire us and make us feel invincible as we soar through city streets?!

Coh&Co builds beautiful, longlasting bicycles that fit like a glove and we hope they inspire the love and sharing that will lead to longevity and sustainability because we want them to be a part of our lives forever.

We are changing the way we move.

#BicyclesForLife #RideBetter 

Who we are //

Our character and style is driven by our lust for enjoying what we are doing and doing something we believe in.

Paul Harder Cohen
Coh&Co Copenhagen founders

With strong backgrounds in product design and engineering founders Paul Harder Cohen and Mette Walsted Kristiansen bring a wealth of design, technology and craftsmanship to every Coh&Co product. Add to that cabinet makers, architects, production engineers and bicycle enthusiasts and you might start to get a picture of the dedicated team driving Coh&Co forward every single day.