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Anna is just as unique as she looks

For a sleek and reliable urban cargo bike, look no further than Anna. Made from our lightweight and carbon-based StoneWeave frame material, she glides elegantly through the city.

Inspired by Inuit dogsleds, Anna’s front bed is designed to be cosy and comfortable while taking all the safety measures needed to ensure a fun passenger experience.

Need a helping hand? The electric version of Anna flattens your uphill journeys and carries your heavy cargo without robbing you of the enjoyment of a unique riding experience.

MSRP from 4.850 EUR

The StoneWeave-frame

Function sided with style

Anna’s frame is designed to be stylish as well as functional. It is lightweight, durable and recyclable. StoneWeave, our special mixture of carbon and basalt provides a comfortable and responsive riding experience.


Carbon makes StoneWeave lightweight. This provides you with a responsive ride that transfers power seamlessly, while basalt toughens up the laminate. This makes it less prone to punctures and makes Anna capable of withstanding the everyday wear and tear of urban life. Basalt also makes for a more comfortable ride as it absorbs more shocks from the road.


It shouldn’t be a hassle to ride a cargo bike. Anna’s clean frame design is not only stylish. It’s also easy to clean. Simply wipe off any dirt and grime. No spot is hard to reach. On top of the geometrical benefits, Anna’s frame is also non-corrosive thanks to StoneWeave.

The bed

Safety comes first

Your passengers’ safety is the top priority, which is why Anna’s sturdy front bed is made of stainless steel for maximum protection. The seatbelt allows for one adult or two children. The caleche is sewn from top-quality Cordura materials and it provides a comfortable shelter for everyone onboard.

Design inspiration

Anna’s front bed draws inspiration from the Inuit Qamutit dogsleds that have surfed the snowbound wilds of Greenland as family and expedition transport for centuries. Influenced by this excellent mode of transportation, VeloSled Anna was designed to provide sustainable, super-fast, and enjoyable transportation for the entire family. The removable caleche shelters your passengers from wind, while they sit against the backrest and enjoy the ride.

Safety measures

The front bed perfects the passenger experience, providing not just a comfortable and safe ride, but a fun one too. The stainless steel rack creates a safe and roomy structure for kids or adults, while the seating area provides a comfortable trampoline-like feel. We’ve implemented a seatbelt that secures either an adult passenger or two smaller children.

Electric motor system

A little help

Anna Electric is kitted with the powerful Neodrives Z20 rear hub motor system. It gives you that little extra help without taking the joy of biking away from you, so when your load is particularly heavy this small push is exactly what you need.


Go where you want to go. The Neodrives Z20 motor system is The improved thermal stability of the motor system handles even long and uphill journeys. No sweat. Ever.


Enjoy a quiet ride. The Neodrives motor is noiseless, extremely slim and requires little to no maintenance. It integrates conveniently into your riding experience. The LCD display on the handlebar functions as the medium between you and the system giving you the overview you need.
Side view of Sky Blue VeloSled Anna parked in studio

Anna VeloSled

Stylish, roomy and easy to maneuver

VeloSled Anna is a versatile and family-friendly urban cargo bike purposed for the urban commuter

Shimano Alfine internal hub gears

8 or 11 speed internal gears w. Gate Carbon belt drive

11 speed w. chain


MSRP from 4.850 EUR (ex. VAT)

Sideview of dark blue VeloSled Anna urban cargo bike parked on the streets

Anna courier

Courier-style front bed

The courier version of VeloSled Anna features an adjustable backrest that can either be up or down

Neodrives Z20 11 speed version

8 or 11 speed internal gears w. Gates Carbon belt drive

Adjustable backrest

MSRP from 4.850 EUR (ex. VAT)

Sideview of black VeloSled Anna electric version parked in studio

Anna electric

Seamless electrified riding

Opt for the e-version of VeloSled Anna if you’d like a little help on the uphill journeys

Neodrives Z20 motor system

11 speed electric drive system


MSRP from 7.419 EUR (ex. VAT)


A sustainable eco system

Coh&Co is on a mission to raise the bar on how we experience riding, maintaining, and owning our bicycles. We have developed an ecosystem to keep bikes rolling and by your side for many years to come.


It starts at the design process where we push the limits of longevity with our sustainable material technology StoneWeave – and we close the circle with a transferable lifetime buy-back guarantee. We refurbish or recycle every registered bicycle returned to us when it has reached the final crossroads in its lifecycle.

Easy adjustment

Anna houses the whole family

Anna is for the whole family. With instant adjustability and easy manoeuvring, she conforms to every moment of your day. 

Adjustable handlebar height

Anna is fitted with an easy up handlebar stem, which allows for instant adjustment of height, so she can be driven by anyone in the family.

Easy to manoeuvre

As a two-wheeled cargo bike, Anna is both sporty and stylish. Her unique swan-like frame geometry distributes up to 200 kilos of cargo weight without compromising on stability or manoeuvrability.


Book a test ride

Try it out!

We could go on and on about Anna, but at the end of the day, you need to meet her to truly experience what she is capable of. Visit one of our official dealers or stop by our showroom in Copenhagen for a cup of coffee and a test ride.

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