Behind the scenes

in the workshop

Our workshop is our playground, design studio, idea hub, skunkworks, café, gallery and everything in between. We aim to keep our space open to friends, customers and curious minds, and thus open our doors on a regular basis to invite you into our world.

Join our monthly Friday Bars every 1st Friday of the month.

Drop in here once in a while, and we will try to keep you posted with videos, articles and snippets of the Coh&Co design, engineering and craftsmanship efforts.

Tech Talk #1 w/ Paul Harder Cohen

WOOd and CArbon


Why a wood and carbon bike? As designers and engineers we are fascinated by materials and our pallete of material tools here at Coh&Co Copenhagen is quite broad. We began as carbonfiber/ composite specialists in the marine industry and have since gained considerable experience in the design and manufacturing of different projects, utilizing everything from...
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